Unwanted pregnancy after 45 models

Unwanted pregnancy after 45 models:
All the vital woman should know

Unwanted pregnancy is a shock at any age, but when it happens to you after the age of 45. It is frightening,
Crushing and potentially dangerous. What you should know about unwanted pregnancy after 45?

Great Mother
Number of pregnancies among women older than 40 is increasing in the United Kingdom, and the United States, and statistics indicate more Women face in the forties after pregnancy. Some scientists say that this may be due to genetic changes The female population. It may be due to the fact that in the most sexually active women in the life later than men He is able to do, thanks to new developments in the field of medicine. But whatever the reason, it happens. More women over 45 years and have children. Are you ready to become who are they? Contraceptives and safe sex Once you reach a certain age, and stabilize. Know and Sexual partners, you know who you are and mature, Sophisticated woman. But it must not be contraceptive stop. Our Studies indicate that the infection is transmitted by sexual contact is scary Common among sexually active people over 45. Even if you think that everything
The risk of pregnancy is necessary to protect this Infections. Even the doctor confirms that you are no longer Capable of pregnancy, and a necessary means of preventing pregnancy. Continue Practice safe sex, because you can get pregnant during menopause. VN member Paula Elena also respect them, “If you do not stop Eggs, regardless of age, can become pregnant. ”

“When you’re in menopause, it is still fertile, and possibly more
See “warns tennim VN members. Women who did not get a lot of experience in birth control may feel uncomfortable with the matter immediately. You can CONTACTS belonging even after a long time, and can be painful. Many of the members of the VN Similar problems. “It all starts with a condom,” advises JoanPrice VN members. Protects against diseases, sexually transmitted
“As the pregnancy,” he says. “I’m 50 and still have regular periods, and say that the only person who can get pregnant,” says VN Igodiva members. She used the pill to prevent unwanted pregnancy occurs. The other members in the use of contraceptives VN, Such as circular, but beware of the membranes that do not provide protection against nearly 100 percent.

Older mothers
But warnings safe sex may come too late, or pregnancy can lead anyway. Few of contraception are 100 percent guaranteed. If you find that you are in the post-45 pregnant women who are going to see a lot of Emotions are very strong. For the first time, and a little time you need to think in this case. Seek advice from a doctor or therapist We need to talk to someone. After that, he spoke with the child’s father. The decision on what to do after that can be The reaction of the person concerned. If you already have children, and also talk to them about pregnancy. Find out how you feel about it, and how can the Parents of the future feel another on this subject, and their children, if they exist, feel about it. Everyone seems to have Options, talk with your doctor and your partner about what is best for you. Preservation and collection of children do not always feel like a choice, but it is. No one wants “to be the old” Mother, or get away from the rest of the world. But the child later in life can be unexpected joy, and life is still far from In more than 45. I still have many years in the future, and it is very possible that you’ll see your child Graduate and get married and have their own children.
Older mothers has some advantages over the younger mothers. You have years of experience. equally We have a wide network of people to help with the new baby. Their children and the children of the first and Other relatives may be old enough to be a nanny to give you a break. Consult your doctor to determine your ability to get a healthy pregnancy. Older mothers do We have some of the risks faced by all young women. Your body is going through a lot and put a lot of pregnancy Tension. In many cases, women over 45 are more than able to get a healthy pregnancy. Take all Tests and talk with your doctor to see the appropriate endowment healthy while you are carrying.

Thyroid Health 45

Thyroid Health 45:
Every woman should know vibrant

What do not we know about the health of the thyroid gland can kill you. They should identify the symptoms and exposure to adapt Classification. All vital to find out what women should know about maintaining the health of the thyroid gland after 45.
To identify the poor health of the thyroid gland signs Symptoms that could be signed before menopause or simply aging may actually be signs that a warning Having problems in the thyroid gland. There is a belief that he must look terrible as they age, And it’s easy to lose sight of the simple, such as the symptoms of the problems  ssociated with aging. Do not write if things start change. Sometimes your body is trying to tell you something.

Roslin members VN Seko began to experience symptoms. He
I realized “hair loss, fatigue / low energy, dry skin, and unexplained weight Win-win “, all of which are common of poor health of the thyroid symptoms, and because they can Also keep the symptoms of menopause, may be many women ignore.

Thyroid problems may not manifest themselves in such physical
Also roads. Sometimes you will feel the emotional toll can go Untapped. You may think that you feel blue or perhaps Fatigue. He was a member VN Lovemylife suffers “from depression, Constipation, dry skin, drowsiness, sleep disturbances, bad mood, and memory Problems and fuzzy thinking “and other symptoms. Thyroid problems you have It was found through a blood test when the Palestinian Authority has decided to go ahead Tack on thyroid test for everything else.

Blame the symptoms in “My late mid-life crisis”, and believed that he was suffering empty nest Syndrome. has not been. “There is a fountain for my dissatisfaction, depression, etc.”

Why is this happening?

You’re not too small and very health problems to be very active with the health of the thyroid gland? “I’m in good condition and 52
“Said a member of CATHYM VN.

Lack of thyroid health is not necessarily a sign of bad health. It is very common, in fact. Many vital Women suffer from problems after the birth of their children, a process that has a number of difficult for your body There are a number of ways. A condition to be very Negotiable for treatment, because it is very common, but many of the women were not comfortable with the treatment. “I’m not on the pill,” and acknowledged CATHYM. Thyroid drugs are among the top 10 drugs prescribed by doctors, and the figures indicate that more
And more people suffer from thyroid disease and thyroid disorders. This does not mean they are old or sick.

Nothing to fear when the tablets prescribed by a doctor, not usually, and thyroid medication is No. Many have been a member of different types VN thyroid. Over the years, I take it, and You will find that your body changes and your experience thyroid slow almost intervals. Special treatments that And it can be adjusted accordingly. There is no magic cure Once you’re on constant medication for thyroid problems the way, You will feel better. However, they are not magic. You can still have a It can be said difficulty in weight control, but the same for many Women who do not have problems with your thyroid gland. “It’s hard to maintain my weight and not be postmenopausal Assistance! “VN member Tamara wrote about thyroid problems.” when I was He added that the decline in sugar and refined carbohydrates, and this is the difference. ”

What the thyroid gland, anyway?
The thyroid gland produces a hormone that affects the heart rate and body Temperature, blood pressure and body weight. And thyroid Thyroid can make you feel tired and tired most of the time, while Hyperthyroidism can make your heart race ACTIVITY.
Thyroid problems can be fatal. You should get a blood screening done if you think that there is a chance you There are problems with the thyroid gland, the patient’s health. Butch became the departure of former boy Gina Lee Nolan Awareness of the thyroid gland after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, which slowly destroys the thyroid gland. she lived The problem during the 10 years before doctors found a problem. In an interview with Shape magazine, Nolan spoke about the symptoms – brittle hair, constant fatigue – and the importance of getting the thyroid gland check.
It is said that thyroid disease affects eight times as many women as it does men, and can occur at any stage of life.

However, more common with age, and become more common after the menopause or pregnancy. A look at the symptoms continued, and indicate, including muscle pain and hair loss. Controlled can not even eat Ask your doctor about having your thyroid tested. Further consideration periodically His life, and taking prescribed medications as directed. Thyroid control of their own so that I do not control it.

Sleep after 45

Sleep after 45:
All vital woman should know

If you are over 45 and have trouble sleeping, and you should know that can lead to serious complications. Search What you should know about sleep disorders such as insomnia and vibrant woman.
why dont you sleep? MD Network published an article on “Sleep in America” ​​survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, shows There is an alarming amount of sleep deprivation among women.

Working women and one of the less sleep less than six hours a night in some cases. Most of the women taking According to the study feel tired a few days of each week. Nearly 75 percent of the stay at home moms also Experience insomnia. Work, married women usually get six hours of sleep or less each night. Why is this happening? According to experts involved in the study Women can do a lot of household chores and work in the afternoon, This does not encourage a good night’s rest. It can also undoubtedly be assigned part of the blame menopause, Causing problems with inability to sleep. Cause insomnia and menopause Found the latest poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, which More than half of all women aged 45-51 have difficulty And stay asleep.

The researchers believe it is related to menopause. a study It turns out that women between the ages of 35-55 get a little sleep During menopause, lasting 4/8 interruption. This group is Likely to experience insomnia, according to a study. Hot flashes, fatigue, indigestion and can even sleep deprivation or sleep.

“Before you can rest, you and your doctor will need to know whether the symptoms are related Menopause or sleep disorders, “advised VN Holly Thacker, MD

Having trouble sleeping?
Many of the vital issues of women experience sleep. Birdlover VN members echoed many of the ideas when worn He wrote “Dream … what is it? Usually 4-6 hours every night, and pay the price significantly in the next day.” Sound familiar?

“I think it’s very, very difficult to sleep,” he admitted a member of deevil VN. Like many others, she takes medication to sleep To help itself in the eye closure when necessary. I have tried many of the VN brand name and Nesta and members Ambien. Over-the-counter-drugs may also help.

If you have anything chronic sleep problems little or staying asleep at night, you may have a problem With sleep apnea. Visit sleep center to be tested for disorders such as sleep apnea, due to the usual medication Can not be cured of this problem.
Find a way to sleep Barbara VN youngest member can not stop thinking about at night, and that is why you have trouble sleeping. It
She wrote about her style dream.

“In recent months, I have been experimenting with a form of a no-brainer,” he said. “I base my new We must think calm, and ideas of the night. ”

Maybe your mind on the road. Many doctors are advised to get healthy exercise during the day to get Sleep more at night health. Try to get up and get active for at least 30 minutes, and you can get a better night Comfort.

Your diet tuning “Everyone knows that post-menopausal women can be a problem in sleep. Everyone knows that the reductions post-menopausal women There may be a problem with weight gain. Two separate cases – is not it? Not necessarily, “he explains VN member Robin Donovan, Menologues. And it is closely linked to diet and sleep.

Lifestyle changes work for some women. Cut in Grandma VN diet of whole grains. “Without rice, Bread and cereals, quinoa … nothing, “he wrote, and helped her get to sleep at night. She said some of the grain to see What would happen, and she experienced insomnia.
Which “suggests Dr. VN Dorree Lin eat sleep and relax.” Do not eat before going to bed two hours, and the reduction of caffeine Eat and eat foods that are rich in tryptophan, a natural sleep inducer. Milk and Turkey both contain this Article.

Body and brain needs a healthy sleep, and they need every night. Take the necessary steps to ensure that during the day
You can get the sleep you need ….

Ovarian cancer after the age of 45

Ovarian cancer after the age of 45:
All the vital woman should know

One out of every 100 women die from ovarian cancer, there are about 157 million women living in The United States, which is the first of all of vital importance that women should know about ovarian cancer. Learn some The more that can save your life.
20,000 women will have ovarian cancer in 2013 Ovarian cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among women 5. According to the American Cancer Society, Will be diagnosed and 20,000 women with this type of cancer in 2013. The best of them is the opportunity for your Take ovarian cancer early. Inspection is the best way to do this on a regular basis. You can not wait for symptoms Apparently, because the symptoms of this cancer is very specific.

However, the symptoms of ovarian cancer?
“Symptoms of ovarian cancer and traditions Unknown Many other common conditions, including digestive system, and Bladder disorders, “says a member of VN Beach TV”. mutual They include misdiagnosis, stress and irritable bowel syndrome Depression. ”
Many women and even doctors can chalk ovary syndrome Cancer link for other diseases, much more common. beat The elderly, and everyone else, and 45 years after he enters the field of menopause.

It is very easy to write the symptoms and pain and disease Associated with aging and menopause. Do not fall into this error.

If you feel bloated or swollen, and it seems that a quick start or full experience A feeling of heaviness or pain in the pelvis, and that may be in trouble.

Pay attention to the symptoms of this type. If this situation continues for a week or More than that, you should consult your doctor.

Loss of appetite, constipation, nausea and vomiting are the symptoms of ovarian cancer, but the disease can be It is caused by a myriad of other conditions (including something as simple as a bad fish). Pay attention to the “signs and symptoms of the continuation or worsening,” advises TvlBeach. Little or lack of movement Red flag symptoms that may be suffering from nothing more than indigestion.

He says a member of VN Jackie Brown “is often diagnosed with ovarian cancer because it hides.”

Ovarian cancer can be cured If you have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, or you will be afraid, do not panic. This type of cancer can be Treatment and has been treated successfully in many cases. Explore all options carefully and We ask caregivers to decide on the best course for you. Ovarian cancer can be treated with one or more of the courses of action, including hormone therapy, chemotherapy, Surgery, radiotherapy and other targeted therapies techniques. Take your time deciding treatment. More You feel comfortable and satisfied, and the best chances of success in the treatment of cancer. This can be avoided, and “I appeal to the killer to kill the ugly sister of ovarian cancer, breast cancer,” says VN Haralee blogger. “Ovary This is linked to the genes of breast cancer Braca. “If you have a genetic mutation of this gene, “Which of these cancers are the potential ability.”

Scientists are still studying and are looking for drugs and better treatments for cancer, and there are many who do not know and I understand. However, many of the studies indicate that a healthy lifestyle can reduce the incidence of cancer the year Danger. Keep your body at a healthy weight, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly to maintain If active.

You may also want to consider taking the pill. Mayo Clinic, and many doctors say The pill can help reduce the risk of ovarian cancer. Before you start taking contraceptives and consultation with the doctor. Birth control pills have some side effects, you’ll have to weigh the benefits against Taking them.
If you have a risk of developing ovarian cancer, your doctor may advise you to complete or partial ovary The judiciary. Consider this option if you see that there is a lot of risk in order to obtain this type of cancer. We know more about ovarian cancer, the better your chances to prevent and deal with it and get get rid of. Stay in good health, with special attention to your body. Do not rush to reject possible Symptoms or normal and evidence of their own tests negligence.

Enteritis and Health 45

Enteritis and Health 45:
All vital woman should know

Tens of millions of Americans suffer from digestive and intestinal pain on a daily basis, and they do not have to.

You can control the health of your gut, reduce inflammation and feel better. Learn what every woman vitality Should we know about healthy digestion after 45.
Courage in the fire: is an inflammation affects you?

Inflammation can cause many health problems, even affecting Thought processes and breast health. It is also common due to the very The things that we eat. Health female members of the books on the food VN Options that lead to inflammation.

“If the food contributes to the inflammation often it has to do with the type of “She said women’s health.” Omega fatty acids it contains, the Follow the traditional Western diet tends to be high in omega-6 and omega-3 in the poor, Promote a major flaw. “You will find omega-6 fatty acids in Many processed foods, and many oils including corn refined cuisine. to me The imbalance of these acids can lead to “a continuous state of inflammation.”

Balancing it with more Omega 3. You will find them in fruits such as apples And blueberries, along with herbs such as ginger and rosemary. “inflammation It contains a number of contributing factors. What we have control over is the most The type of food we choose to eat, “says women’s health.

Inflammation affects many aspects of your overall health, including
Prostate. Healthy food choices reduce inflammation and maintain
Balanced body, which creates less health problems.

Menopause and intestinal health If you start after stomach pain while going through menopause,
You’re not alone. VN and blogger wrote about Ellen Dolgen The relationship between intestinal health and menopause.
“Digestive issues are certainly part of menopause,” she says. “When the digestive system problems occur soon Menopause, usually symptoms include bloating, excessive gas, which is completely linked to hormonal
Bugs. ”

It seems very scary, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. “Usually, digestive problems completely Can be controlled by you, “Dolgen explains. Vitale advises women to think about the food we eat.

“Every piece of food … and will have an impact in your gut.”
Reducing sugars, because “sugar is equal to the gas.” This includes
Alcohol, and sugar that has become the digestive system. Drinking too much Water, unprocessed foods and choosing whenever possible.

Exercise to maintain stable levels of the hormone. Regular exercise can Reduction of hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause, including Poor health intestine.

Many women have found that a diet to reduce wheat Dramatically improve the health of the intestine. Susis member in
He added that “radical changes”, he said in October 2012 it ..

I began to lose weight after the first month of eating wheat-free.
“Found on my mind Fog energy and came back most.
More importantly, intestinal pain, alarmed went down …

Absent. I found a whole new way to live. ”
Your gut, and your body Intestines affect the body’s way is of great interest for the Many scientists and researchers. Human Microbiome Project Looking at the relationship between the intestine and human health Maintaining the health of the human race. Other studies have shown that a high percentage of fat, A diet with high sugar content reduces the presence of bacteria in the gut health And increased inflammation. And follow the plant-based diet, but it seems Create optimal levels of healthy intestinal bacteria.
Bacteria in the intestine may have a greater impact on the body
From this process, and some studies suggest. Lack of appropriate bacteria, but may be responsible for obesity.

Health and strength of a healthy body Reduce the amount of white bread, sugar and fatty foods you eat, and you will feel better. It really is that simple – It seems so simple, at least. The truth is that it is very difficult to eat in a healthy way, and fast-food fast-paced day Scientist. It is difficult to cook, and a variety of meals ready to go there does not seem ridiculous.

But the steam bag of frozen vegetables can be quick to stop the burgers and fries. stick it out In the microwave in a plastic container with a little water, add pepper and you’re ready to eat. Service for yourself Brown bed (rice, which can also be cooked in a microwave oven with water in a plastic container) and grilled The issue of chicken cooked in a little butter with light rosemary for flavoring. Or, throw in frozen fish fillets The oven with a little pepper and lemon bread with a perfect unstable.

You can contact the frozen food aisle for more solutions shortcut to healthy eating. Try switching to vegetarian Burgers and sausages and bacon instead of eating the real thing. More frozen tasty alternatives and many health Yours. Cook them in the oven, frying pan or in the microwave to enjoy delicious healthy source of protein.
Grab a yogurt and a piece of fruit or candy sugar when you want a snack. Instead of chocolate bars, in an attempt Granola with dark chocolate. It is low-calorie and delicious option but in good health.
Change from a regular diet with healthy choices, you will notice a change in your overall health. You’ll feel Better and get more energy from less swelling and inflammation and experience. It’s time to make a change before The problem is getting worse.

Hysterectomy after 45 models:

Hysterectomy after 45 models:
All vital woman should know

Half a million women in the United States have a hysterectomy each year and can become one of them. See All the vital woman should know about hysterectomy, and what you can do about it.
Shared Secret “Ultimately, the uterus to withdraw one-third of American women.” VN blogger Ellen Dolgen common This and many of the facts of worrying about having a hysterectomy.

Hysterectomy is happening only the following: remove the uterus completely or partially. As part of global action, You can also remove the ovaries and fallopian tubes. “The most common reason for hysterectomy is fibroids Tumors, “says Dolgen”. You can also perform a hysterectomy, in extreme cases of endometriosis, depression Uterus, adenomyosis, chronic pelvic pain and abnormal vaginal bleeding. About 15 percent of the It is performed a hysterectomy because of cancer or pre-cervical and ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, or Endometrial “.

This is very scary, but having a hysterectomy to relieve the pain and make you healthier if you have The doctor advised him to have this procedure. Many, many women undergo this procedure, It is very common. But women do not talk much about it, and can make you feel like you are He was alone. I was not. There are millions of women like you vibrant.

What happens after a hysterectomy?
Some women find that menopausal symptoms are more severe after hysterectomy. You may experience hot flashes Worse, it can be hard to do insomnia, mood swings, and can make you crazy – well, you can start an idea. Trying to manage in the same way you do menopausal symptoms otherwise. A healthy diet and Plenty of exercise to reduce hot flashes. In an attempt to ease the tension, too, many women this vow to embarrass Relief.

In addition to the more severe symptoms of menopause, and they may face continuous bleeding after a hysterectomy.

This is very scary, but it’s not a reason to panic. Call your doctor for instructions on what to do.

It is not uncommon to struggle with insomnia after hysterectomy. For some, it may be a low dose of hormone therapy Socorro. “I have been using progesterone cream that you bought without a prescription, and now I sleep every night. Review and The doctor before using it because it is the hormone cream, even if they are made from potatoes “proposed by VN decorjudi.

Trying to take each evening routine that puts you in a calm frame of mind. Warm bath, a short meditation, a series Relax and stretch, and a cup of hot milk – these things in an attempt to feel calmer and more relaxed.

Is there a new way of life
“We’re going to adulthood of despair? Need hormones? The sex life?” These questions, raised by VN car54, are not uncommon. Many women have the same questions after going through hysterectomy.

There are a lot of different answers. Hysterectomy because you enter menopause? maybe yes. From Hysterectomy can make you go into menopause early, according to some studies, but does not need to fear Menopause. It’s the hard way during the transitional period, but some women really embrace a unique opportunity for the event. Look at them the same way as before VN Gabriela: “O the joy of not having to deal with Period. ”

You need hormones? Decision is yours. HRT, HRT, is a way to treat
Menopause and some of the symptoms of a hysterectomy. This works for some women, but others feel Moreover, they do not interact with them.

“I have a correction of estrogen, but not blood testing More than a year – and estrogen, are not included in the course of my blood “VN.
Robin Donovan, Menologues, history About HRT. He struggled for years with hormonal imbalances.

Because HRT may be full of ups and downs, and some women are trying to Alternative routes.

“I feel better without it,” he says in Oomadoit VN member of the HRT.

“I tried some natural food supplements, too.”
And yes, you can enjoy sexual life. Many women Enjoy more sex after hysterectomy, because it is no longer Painful for them to have sex. Talk to your doctor about When should I expect after surgery before embarking on a Sexual activity. Since cures everything, and there is no reason for you You can not resume normal mutual relations romance.

Consult your doctor about your options after Hysterectomy, research and selection methods of continuous treatment that feels right for you. If you do not find And successfully in place, do not get stressed it. Try something else until you feel the way Defoe. Your body will adjust after the initial shock, you will find that you feel better. to me No hysterectomy does not make you less of a woman – one’s health.

High blood pressure after 45:

High blood pressure after 45:
All the vital woman should know

High blood pressure, high blood pressure has no symptoms or warning signs. One out of every three adults in the United States
High blood pressure, and despite the fact that the building quietly in the body can lead to kidney and heart damage And blood vessels, along with the other necessary things. What every woman should know about high of vital importance Blood pressure?

It represents the blood pressure?
Two measures of blood pressure: systolic and diastolic taken.
Systolic blood pressure measures how hard the heart beats while pumping Blood. It refers to the diastolic blood pressure while the heart is at rest. blood Is usually pressure recording break, with the systolic number on top O Front (140/70, for example).
Blood pressure is not constant. It was less sleep or relax, and
Rise when you feel nervous or participate in physical activity. When your Chronic high blood pressure is too high, you may suffer
Harm. The same high pressure has no symptoms, but it would be devastating Your body. Lead to the damage caused by any number of health conditions.

Are you at risk?
Blood pressure tends to increase with age, and this is completely normal. but if It is too high for too long, exposed to the risk of several serious Medical conditions. There are many factors that make it more likely to develop Dangerously high blood pressure.
Women over 55 have a higher risk of high blood pressure. Besides own risk Superior if you are overweight and if there is a family history of BPH. Taking Too much salt, drinking alcohol and not getting enough physical activity also put it You are in danger. Smoking and stress also increases the risk. Avoid risk factors,
To keep the blood pressure in less healthy levels.

What can high blood pressure?

Medically, high blood pressure, also called hypertension. High blood pressure has no symptoms In itself, this can lead to a heart attack or stroke. It can cause heart failure, and can cause an aneurysm. these are Life-threatening. High blood pressure can also reduce blood flow to the kidneys, eyes and weaken His vision. It can even affect memory and cognitive skills. In the end, the damage is getting worse
And it is not to lower blood pressure.

Other conditions caused by high blood pressure that the pressure may not be life-threatening, But it can affect the quality of your life. Because High blood pressure by the kidneys and affect the rest of your life The body, this condition can lead to a weak bladder and urinary incontinence Problems. You can lose control of bodily functions and is Poor, old, and scared. sea ​​snake Treat high blood pressure Get your blood pressure on a regular basis. It is very easy to do, and It takes only a few minutes. If you think you have problems with High blood pressure, consult your doctor. there are many Drug therapies that address high blood pressure, but the pill is not the only the choice.

“It is very important to be patient for your lawyer. Do not do it
Get scared, “says one of the members of the VN Drecksler Debbie.” Property other options “.

“Repatriation BP device” suggests a member of the sunflower VN. this And the road be aware of the changes that occur.
The treatment of high blood pressure, which leads to a healthy life. I have a lot Exercise, eat less processed foods and risk factors and avoid HPB (such as cigarettes and alcohol).

“You can control [of sodium intake] read religious posters and some research,” says a member of VN Rose2. Better blood pressure is a better life High blood pressure can cause permanent damage to the brain and very private, eyes, kidneys and Heart – even before you know what’s going on. The only way to be aware of high blood pressure I control it. Make sure that you often. You do not have to go to a doctor or clinic to do so. number Supermarkets and pharmacies have blood pressure machines, and you can buy home screens as well.

Perhaps if high blood pressure even before killing one gives any symptoms are treated. this is the reason Even in very serious condition. The most important thing you need to know about high blood pressure? K My numbers. I know all this power to the health of a longer and happier life.

You can ignore the symptoms of a heart attack

You can ignore the symptoms of a heart attack, Mr.
Pay attention to your body. And it can remove a lot of the pain of menopause or problems Aging can be simple, in fact, be a weak heart health brands. VN point blogger Ellen Dolgen often lose some
Symptoms of a heart attack you can not afford to ignore.

“During a heart attack, women often suffer from symptoms that are very Unlike the typical chest pain experienced by men, “as
He explained. According trading research: cardiovascular
They are 52 percent more likely than women to quality and results displayed Men have a delay of 15 minutes or more to get the related heart attack After treatment called 911. This statistic is disturbing. Do your part Recognition signals.
In women, it may be a heart attack is treated as stress or even the back.

You may feel pain in the neck, jaw and shoulders during a heart attack.

Chronic fatigue can be a sign that your life is too busy – can be
Weak heart health index. These feelings of fatigue can be
Caused by reduced blood flow to the heart is not content
Pumping enough. Heart attacks in women can also cause nausea, vomiting, anxiety and lack of Breathing.

Do not ignore the warning signs and not write-off. You can recognize the signs of a heart attack Remember His life. About 500,000 women and exposure to a heart attack in the United States this year, and one of them might be for you. Gets We must be addressed immediately to help the rescue.

Ill health prevention in the heart
Heart disease is the leading cause of death among women in the United States, it refers to Ellen Dolgen. Prevention is the key to
Do you want to maintain good health and avoid a fatal heart attack. Do not expect your heart to give out for Send a lifestyle change. Make it at the time, and you can add years to your life.

“You can avoid most of these heart attacks if women were better heart healthy choices, such as diet and exercise, Nor smoked. After menopause, women are more vulnerable to the risk of outages and incidents of heart disease, but we partially Bodies produce less of the hormone estrogen, “explains Dolgen.

Several times a week to exercise, avoid cigarette smoke. Follow this diet rich in fruits and vegetables and Limit the amount of fat and sodium (salt) you’re eating. Keep your body at a healthy weight to avoid exposure Stress on the heart.

“Lack of exercise or physical activity is an important risk factor for heart disease and blood vessels or heart factors factor,” says
VN HER Empow member improve health – Changing Lives.
Improve the health of your heart. Take a proactive approach to maintain the health of your heart, it does not become another number. Mellanie member VN Real hills are some ways to a healthy heart in the lists.

“Learn the symptoms and risk factors,” she says. “A recent study
To find survivors of heart attacks female from my imagination
He said he suffers from insomnia and fatigue during the last month
Heart attack “. If you have any questions at all, no matter how trivial may Apparently, talk to your doctor “or program materials
Not found exactly the time to move, “suggests Mellanie. And
Do not forget that you can always get a second opinion if the first
The answer is not good enough.

“Get cholesterol tests,” he adds. “It’s a simple blood test.”
It can make a big difference in the health of your heart.
Member VN heart blogger Sherri Snelling General Health Tips
Women directly from the American Heart Association.
First, know your family history. “You have a greater risk if a parent or grandparent of heart disease,” says Snelling. Other tips include not smoking (which is bad), and drinking alcohol in moderation, keep an eye on Cholesterol level in the blood and measurements of body mass index (BMI). There are many smart phones and tablet computers Applications that will tell you if you have a body mass index, waist and hip in health.

Maintaining heart health, and women should consume a rich anti-oxidant such as grains and vegetables foods.

Integrate more fish to your diet, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids can help lower cholesterol.

When drinking alcohol in moderation and try to get a little red wine. In studies, and it has been associated with
Benefits of the heart (no more than one cup a day!). If you need to satisfy a sweet tooth, try dark chocolate. It is rich
In natural antioxidants that promote heart health.

Build a better heart
They may exercise any unhealthy habits, and those who are still hanging on and affect Most forms of age. Change unhealthy habits now, and you will feel better, look better Maybe you live longer.